A State of Mind

Tammya A.
17 going on 18. Indonesian high schooler. future environmental engineer/activist. reblogs anything she likes with no particular reason. may suffer from short term memory loss.

"don’t you dare forget about me. If you do, I’m gonna kidnap you and tie you up on a chair and fill your head with nice things about me so you won’t remember my bad habits."
"Kadang aku ingin menjadi setumpuk kaleng bekas yang dijadikan sebuah robot oleh seorang ilmuwan yang rakus ilmu."


Welcoming the new member of our family: The Unnamed.

any suggestions for his name? :]

what we got these past two years

In the year of 2010, in the middle of May to be exact, I was making my way to GOR Bulungan, as it was where Tarsat Cup VII took place. When I finally arrived, it was 11.00 or somewhere around that time so the place was already full of crews and players. Then a friend came up to me and congratulated me but didn’t tell me why. Then came the second, then the third one, and so on and so forth. I thought they were being sarcastic about me being late, but that made no sense, so I had to ask why.

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Daniel Hicks | The Shirts Studio SS11

why does he remind me of Robbie Wadge so much?


Who is this person?


@escervino backstage, Julian on work! (Taken with instagram)

Jules is somehow cuter with that haircut✌